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The Beginner's Guide To Self-Love

6 week program

If you feel like you have lost your way and you're not really sure who you are anymore, this is a great place to start. During this short program we will get to root of what is holding you back and begin to make changes in your life to help you find out who you truly are, what you want out of life and how to begin to create a long lasting relationship with yourself and finally feel like you are enough.


What's included:

- Weekly sessions

- Bronze welcome box
- Email support

- Morning meditation, self-love meditation and limiting beliefs meditation

- Further ideas to take away with you to continue your self-love journey

The Opportunity to Change Your Life

6 month program

This is the sign you have been waiting for. Your whole life is about to change. I will hold your hand over the next six months and walk you through your self-love journey. We will cover every area you can imagine when it comes to self-love, confidence and body acceptance. From how to set boundaries to using Emotional Freedom Technique to creating a bespoke daily routine. 

What's included:

- Weekly sessions*

- Gold welcome box

- Meditation bundle with 10+ meditations including 2 personalised recordings

- The opportunity to adjust the program to incorporate any specific concerns you have

- Tailored guide to take away with you

- Email, WhatsAppa and telephone support

- 2 booster coaching sessions to be taken within 12 months after coaching finishes

Self-Love Transformation

12 week program

If you're ready to finally embrace who you truly are, take control and completely transform the relationship that you have with yourself, this is the program for you. Find out what is holding you back, how to heal and move forward and how to raise your vibe to create the life of your dreams. 

What's included:

- Weekly sessions

- Silver welcome box

- Morning meditation, evening meditation, self-love meditation and limiting beliefs meditation

- The opportunity to carry out body love work if this is something you would like to incorporate

- Tailored guide to take away with you

- Email and WhatsApp support

- 1 booster coaching session to be taken within 6 months after coaching finishes

Service Name

4 week program

If you hate what you see in the mirror, find it hard to accept or like your body and find yourself constantly thinking about what you look like then this course is designed to help you finally rebuild the relationship you have with your body. This program can be done as 1:1 coaching or as a group coaching program if you have a few friends that want to do it with you.

What's included:

- Body acceptance exercise recording to keep

- Reading recommendations

- Body Love welcome box

- Email and WhatsApp support

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